Project Life Week 1 & Cover Page

Oh yeah - I'm that far behind..

I just received my Big Pack of Design A Page Protectors in the mail 2 weeks ago and have been setting things up since and slowly getting caught up {I have 13 weeks to work on, gulp}. But, I am determined to get it done, get caught up and keep this project going. Every time I start a project like this, I never see it through. This time though, I have a purpose..a lifetime record of what our first year of marriage entailed is exactly what I want Project Life to be, and for that reason alone, I will not give up.

Thankfully, I followed Michelles advice and bought a day planner where I have written every little thing down that I thought would matter {thank God for this!} and I have photographed every minute in our lives that I could, right down to the food I have been making for my farmer ;)

Now, Project Life used to mean to me that I needed a family - what else was I going to record? I was dead wrong. I so wish I would have done this project over the last few years..just to see how my life has changed!! But, I'm doing it for 2012 and I'm so excited to keep taking the photographs, jot down the memories and finally put it together into my album{s} so that we can look through it for years to come!! As with any project, this week I felt a little rusty in my scrapping skills and not 100% happy with the result - and thats okay. Its just important that I got it together! Settling in to my own Project Life style will take some time and I will get there..and, on December 31st when I look back over this album, I'll also be able to see how my style changed through the year...and thats pretty exciting too!

Okay, so here is my Cover Page:

I wanted to keep it fairly simple & let the photos speak for themselves. I used a couple of our engagement photos and a wedding photo that I love of ours to tell the story of what our album is about

Week 1 was filled with goal setting for the year, baking, cooking, burning day in the yard, concrete work for the boys and finally setting up our bbq on the deck!!

Here's a closer look of the left hand side:

All products used were either Project Life, Martha Stewart or some random pieces from my stash. I was so excited when I found this misc. stamp set that had fun sayings to add to my insert cards

A closer look of the right hand side:

On the right hand side I made a note discussing my very first "burning day" experience as well as filled in another card with specifics of what each day in that particular week entailed {again, thank God I kept a day planner for this or else I would have never remembered any of it!}

And that, folks is {finally} my first week completed of Project Life!! Only 12 more weeks to go to be caught up...ugh  ;) Have a great Tuesday everyone!!!


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