Weekend Recap

This past weekend was full of family for us. Adams' brother Scotty came down to the farm with his girlfriend, her son and their new puppy, Bear {cute!} and Adams' youngest brother Blake was also down, making this the first weekend all 3 brothers have been together since our wedding this past November!

While the guys worked in the shop, us gals played with the little guy around the yard or sat and visited in the farmhouse in between making meals for everyone..it truly felt like a traditional farmlife weekend! The weather has been steadily warming up since our bad storm last Monday but the wind just won't go away, making for some very cold walks with the little guy :(

All in all it was a wonderful weekend, full of family, food and catching up. And now, bring on the new week!!

The sunrises here are so....magical

Goofy boys ;)

Meet Bear!

All 3 boys, working side by side..makes my heart happy

Bear sleeping in my sweater. I just love the feel of this photograph!

And that was our weekend!!! Have a great Monday :)


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