Happy Friday!!

I thought I'd share a little cuteness to start your weekends off right ;)

This past week I have been at my parents' house watching their dog, Otis, for them while they are away on a work conference. It has been nice to just hang out in my old city and do some much needed catching up with friends I haven't seen since the wedding.

Yesterday I went to my old office to pick up my girls for lunch and the only words I can use to describe that experience would be: eery, weird & awkward! Not the lunch of course, just being back at the office. It feels like such an old piece of me yet at the same time it wasn't that long ago that I belonged there...weird! But, lunch was great and I didn't realize how much I had missed my girls. It was so nice!

Then this morning I went over to a really good friend of mine (been close since grade 7!) for coffee and another catch up that was very much needed. She is now the mother to an adorable 1 1/2 year old boy and it was nice to reminice and discuss how different our lives are now!

I don't always realize how much I value my relationships until I see them again..awful I know and I should work on them more because it is so nice to have people you can trust and rely on. Friends are integral in a healthy life, especially friends that saw you through some of the worst fashion moments of your life!! ;)

This weekend I'm back home to the farm but I am so thankful for this week..I needed it and apparently, so did my heart :) Have a great weekend everyone!!


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