Welcome Spring!

Happy Saturday Everyone!!

Just wanted to stop in quickly to wish you all a great weekend! I hope you are all enjoying the Spring-like weather that we are currently reveling in..its just beautiful out! This morning, we woke up at 7 and I put my rubber boots on and took my boys for their morning walk..it was heaven!

Now, if you remember me talking about Jakey a few months ago and how he wasn't at the farm yet, well, I'm happy to announce he is now FINALLY home and settling in!! After a traumatic first encounter about 3 weeks ago, I took Jake back to my parents' house til we figured out what to do with Simon so that he could accept another male dog on the farm. Thankfully Adams' cousin was here this past week and is a natural dog whisperer and was able to make them get along without even a fight!! Needless to say I am beyond happy and will forever be in his debt for bringing all my boys together under one roof ;)

And now that the boys are getting along famously, we go on our morning walks together in the country and they just love it!! This morning, the temperature was so comfortable, the sun was shining and I felt the happiest I've felt in a while..Spring is coming!!

I hope you all enjoy your weekends :) Happy Crafting everyone!


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