Week 1 as a Farmgirl

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Well, I've officially been a farmgirl for a week! It still feels as though I am on holidays and due back in the office any day now, but then I remind myself.."nope, this is your life now!"

We are in the midst of harvest here in SK and things are going well after a rainy day last week caused us to lay low for 3 days. We're working some 16 hour days and although we are tired and ready to hit the sack..we're extremely happy! Things have been interesting for me..trying to carve out a piece of me here has been a little more trying than originally thought..but I have faith that it'll all work out sooner rather than later.

For the most part, I have been filling my days riding around in the semi's with Adam. Loading up with wheat, driving it back to the yard to unload in to the bins, moving augers, moisture testing the grain and going right back out to do it all over again! Today though, I decided to stay close to home in an effort to get a few things done.

So far today I have tackled my fear of using the zero turn ride-on mower (big check off my to do list!) It was a little bit of a shakey start, but I got a hand of it eventually. The best part was all the grasshoppers jumping towards me..which of course led to mini freak out sessions, followed by a lawn mower going off course. But I laughed til it hurt and I got it done..I think I may get this farm girl thing down eventually!! Afterwards, I came in to the house where I have been baking my little heart out. Cookies & a cake that...now that I think about it, needs icing shortly :) So...thats my life in a nutshell..can't wait to get back to crafting!!!

Happy Crafting everyone!

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