My heart is a flutter..

I woke up this morning with butterflies...the realization that a completely new life is on the horizon for me, is still a little unfathomable! I can't wrap my head around the details just yet. Its crazy to picture my life now with this amazing future we are building and although its a little overwhelming, I simply cannot wait!

But the reality is, this afternoon and tomorrow are all I have left of work in my office. The firm I work at is where I feel I grew up a lot in these past 4.5 years. I've learnt so many new things and met so many amazing people..its bittersweet to be leaving it all behind, even though this is something I've wanted for a very long time!

But, when things seem overwhelming and I feel any nerves...I think of this place:

Paris....ahh, je t'aime

Now, why would I think of Paris? Well that's's a stop in our European honeymoon that begins in 80 days! Yes, my farmer sure knows how to spoil me! I cannot believe I get to see the Eiffel Tower in person..I am so unbelievably lucky!! So yes..when things seem overwhelming and my seemingly lovely city life beckons me from the country, I'll remember just how truly lucky I am to be walking towards the life I've been given ;)

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