With harvest running us ragged, we haven't had time to unload my belongings since I moved in here 2 weeks ago, nor have we set up a proper home. Now, I don't know about you...but I love being "home" and I miss it so much! I explained to Adam that when I say I miss being home, I don't miss a specific house back in Alberta..I just miss that feeling of being home, the warmth, the comfort, the freedom...that is what I miss


I miss my puppy (he's at my parents' home until I get this farm Jakey-proof), my afghan that mom made me which I like to cuddle up in every night, my PVR, my popcorn (we've been working 12-16 hour days and am too exhausted when we get home to make any. I miss my family - our visits and Sunday night suppers and I miss my friends. But what I am learning here is something extremely valuable:


Home is wherever I make it. Home is where Adam is. Home is in his arms. Home is waking up with him every morning and falling asleep with him every night - without missing a beat. He gives me love, friendship, laughter, silliness, freedom..he gives me everything I could ever ask for.


So well yes, I miss my pumpkin spice latte's and my scrapbooking time (which will come once we're set up) ... I know that it is all worth it because I get to be here, with this guy (below), for the rest of my life!


And, just in case you were wondering, we have just 51 days left til our wedding!!!
Have a great day everyone!!! Happy Crafting!!

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