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Alrighty so the sneak peaks have been coming out for this years' Fall/Winter 2011 CHA show and! I just called Adam and told him I'm really nervous...and, of course, he couldn't possibly understand why. so I informed him I'm nervous because I feel an empty bank account coming on in future months ;) hehehe

Today I'm showcasing my favorite lines from craft company: Crate Paper!!

Now, this was surprising to me considering I've never been a huge fan of this company. Not sure why exactly..just never seemed to be persuaded to pick up their lines before...but this year...well, they stole me heart with their Peppermint and Farmhouse lines!!

First up: Farmhouse!

I love the warmth of this line! Perfect for Autumn photos, Family gatherings and pictures of us in our new home! Now yes, maybe the fact that in just 6 weeks I will be moving the farm and am only 3.5 months away from becoming a farmer's wife might be a reason why I was pulled to this line as well..but thats

Next up: Peppermint!

Now, I may not be a fan of all of the colors and designs in this collection but the paper above and all the embellishments are what truly hooked me on this line..I know I already have a tub full of Christmas goodies..but that never meant I couldn't buy more...right?! there are my top picks for Crate Paper's new CHA releases!! Can't wait to dig up some more key finds for you soon!!

Take care everyone..and happy crafting!

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