Currently on 06.17.2011

listening: to the trains pass by my office building

reading: forms and applications for work

watching: Criminal it crazy that it spooks the heck out of me, but I still love it?

eating: crackers and Boursin cheese..yum

drinking: water ... water...water....

wearing: my fav zebra flats!

feeling: moody..but super happy its a Friday!

weather: raining, grey & windy..

playing: with travel themed scrapbook supplies

wanting: my farmer to come in to the city for once so I don't have to drive this weekend

needing: to get rid of this mild cold I caught last weekend

missing: my Grandpa Petrick, who passed away 13 years ago today..and I still think about him almost daily

waiting: to be done my office career in 44 days!

enjoying: popcorn...lots and lots of popcorn!

thankful: for everybody and everything I have ever been given in my life

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