CHA items I {heart} Part II

Okay so I have seen way too many product lines to love that came out of CHA Summer 2011..and anyone who has been in my scrap studio would know, I'm a teeny bit obsessed with collecting favorite lines {oops!} ..can you blame me though, I mean, really?

I have been patiently waiting for October Afternoon to reveal the full lines of their 3 new product lines..but alas, I'm still waiting :( So...with that being said, I will just post up the sneaks that they put on their blog and when the full lines are revealed, I'll blog them as well ;)

First up: Farmhouse!

YES! There are 2 companies coming out with a "Farmhouse" line..and I love BOTH of them! The images, the designs, the makes my heart happy just looking at this!! I cannot WAIT to have these papers in my crafty little hands!!

Next up: Sidewalks

In the words of Carrie Bradshaw, "Hello, lover"..thats all I can muster for this line..its beautiful, its vintage, its colorful...and soon it will be mine, all mine ;)

Next up: Sasparilla

Alright, so my farmer does not own a horse (but are free to ride some whenever we choose), but I don't care..I love this line! And since it is currently stampede week here in my City and we have gone all out decorating the place..the line will be the perfect addition to my Stampede layouts!!

Time to let you in on a little secret wish of mine: I want to someday be on the October Afternoon design team!! I love this company, their products are amazing and I am pretty sure I own every single item that they have ever created..they are simply amazing and it is on my list of hopes/dreams that someday I can join them in their amazing journey!!

And speaking of amazing journey...this photo came out on PC's group page...

I had made it my goal to be in PC's Holiday Cards and More special issue, and this year I did it! 5 of my designs will be showcased in this beauty..and I cannot wait til Sept 27th when it comes out!!

Thats all for me today always, Happy Crafting!!

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