Modern day Snow White

When I was a little girl, my parents took me to my aunt's house with no other explanation other than they had a surprise for me. When we arrived, I walked in to see a baby fawn strolling around her living room! It had been rejected by its mother after hunters got too close and placed their scent on it and a few people got together to arrange for it to be transported to the Calgary Zoo. And since it was needing a home for a day or two, my aunty opened up her place and that allowed me to get up close and personal with my own version of Bambi.

I have always been grateful for that experience! Not many people can say they get to play with a fawn (nor should they, as its always dangerous for an animal if humans get too close). I've talked about that day a lot lately, especially now that I'm out in the country a lot with my farmer. And just the other day, I was complaining to Adam that I hadn't seen a fawn yet..which worried me considering our winter was so harsh this year! But last night, on my way home..I found this little baby stumbling across the highway

I turned off the highway to make sure it was okay and found it laying against a fence, calling out for its mama. When I noticed there was another couple keeping watch of the fawn I went to talk to them and this little thing just ran towards me. I tried escaping it, knowing what human scent could do to it, but it wouldn't leave my side. It was young, it was hungry and I'm betting it was scared. Once the police and bylaw showed up, another lady came and told us that the exact same thing happened the day before and she called Fish & Wildlife. She fed it baby formula and put it under a tree as directed, but yesterday it was still roaming around, trying to find its mom. It had been surrounded by people for at least 2 days and before I knew it..this happened..

I don't promote this..please don't think I do. But I have a huge, soft heart and when a baby fawn needs some love, I can't refuse it. It kissed my chin, snuggled up to me and wouldn't leave my side! Every once in awhile it would try to walk back towards the highway, but we kept it close to us, to make sure nothing happened. After 45 minutes, Fish & Wildlife came..they just wanted to put it under a tree again and let nature take its course...I wasn't happy with that!

The policeman that was with us spoke up and made his concerns known about the dangers of causing an accident on the highway and so F&W packed the fawn up in a kennel and moved it to a nearby park that is more sheltered and known to house deer. I felt better, but still not satisfied

All night I laid awake, wondering if the fawn was safe. Did it find its momma? Was the momma dead? Did another herd take it in and keep it safe? Would it be there, in the dark, scared, hungry and crying for its mom? Or is it safe? Did someone take it to a rescue sanctuary? It burdened me all night. I woke up with puffy eyes, imagining the fate of my little Bambi and drove to the park to ease my mind. The fawn was nowhere to be seen, nor was it anywhere near the highway! This made me a little relieved/a little worried. But in my mind, it found its momma and is now hiding somewhere, safe and sound!

I am so blessed I got to be so close to such sweet wildlife twice in my lifetime. What an amazing experience!

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