The Sights & Sounds of Spring!

It is definitely Spring here .. finally!! Every day I take some time to enjoy the fresh Spring air .. I open my windows to freshen up the house and spend time outside with Jakey either playing catch or digging around in my garden. Yesteryday while Jakey and I were chillin on the grass, I took a moment to listen to everything that was happening around me .. it was peaceful, it was inspiring .. it was life!

I could hear the sound of lawn mowers throughout the neighborhood, the smell of fresh cut grass, the sound of a gentle breeze whisking thru the green grass and most importantly the song birds who have finally come home for the season, it was beautiful! And then .. because it was rather warm out .. I heard the sound of this...

*pant* *pant* *pant*

he always knows how to ruin the moment...

Oh well .. back to my story!! Since Jakey here has ruined my beautiful *sounds* of Spring bit .. I just went to shoot some images of the everyday happenings of our life yesterday ...

Yeah, we like to cuddle .. it makes Jakey feel loved and keeps me smiling when my farmer can't be around

and my tulips are starting to bud!! I reckon we'll have beautiful yellow tulips by the end of the week!!

While yellow is my favorite color .. I must say green comes to a close 2nd .. gee, do you think? hehe I never loved color as much when I was younger, I went straight for blacks, navy and the odd white .. but now that I'm a little older and more aware of what I like .. I go straight for color! Can you tell by the color of my kitchen? {love it!!}

What a wonderful day we had *sigh* now today will be more organizing the house & getting it ready to list, maybe work on a few more projects for submission and possibly a chick flick .. as today it is raining out..the perfect Spring weather to bring on my flowers :) Happy Crafting everyone!

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