Planting Day

What an incredible weekend I had! Saturday was full of camera fun with friends and family and then yesterday, the sun finally popped out long enough for me to have a planting morning with my niece, Makiya. Her mom, Jodie is not a gardener but any means and as I enjoy having a green thumb, I felt it was my duty as her aunt to show her how much fun it could be!

For Easter, I bought Makiya her own set of gardening tools and a packet of sunflowers & Zinnia's (2 of the easiest seeds to plant!). Then yesterday..we got to work!

I am so very proud of her! She worked so hard for me..digging up the dirt, planting the seeds, playing with worms..very, very impressive!

When I look at these photos, all I can think about was how she kept grunting when she would dig or would fall forward from the amount of force she would get that dirt out of our way! Such a sweet helper!

With my time left living in the city narrowing down, I'm very excited to spend as much time as I can with my loved ones. Especially this little stinker!! And, in the next 3 weeks she will be a big sister to a little brother or sister!! I can't wait to see her grow .. just like the little seeds we planted together ;)

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