Friday Randoms

Hey Everyone!

Happy last Friday of April & Happy Royal Wedding Day!! Have you all been watching *the* wedding? I haven't seen the whole event myself..but have caught glimpses and viewed the dress and it really truly is a fairytale come true! *sigh* I am so, so excited for today!! So much to say...and with that, my Friday randoms

- It has been raining all day here and is not showing any signs of stopping .. but its a warm(ish) kind of rain and either way, it couldn't steal my sunshine today .. nope, uh uh .. not with my giddiness ;)
- Watching William and Kate get married this morning only cause me to get even more excited about my upcoming nuptials in November!! I have SO much to plan and do .. and now I cannot wait!!!!
-Okay .. here's why I am just so excited .. are you ready??

I'M GETTING PUBLISHED AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember how I've been working on my submissions for Paper Crafts' Holiday Cards & More issue? Well today was happy mail day and I received one at noon!! 5 of my projects have been picked for publishing! 5!!! YAHOO!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you PC .. I heart you!!

So tonight my family will be going out to dinner and I will be celebrating!! Adam can't be here this weekend which saddens me as its just not the same without him, but we will Skype later tonight and have a mini celebration of our own!

Alright, now that I can breathe and relax .. I just wanted to stop in and share my news with you .. have a great weekend everyone!!!!!

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