Through the Years..

I don't know if its just because the end of yet another year is upon us or I'm just feeling a little nostaligic, but I have been spending some time thinking about what all has happened in 2010 and how blessed I feel for everything and everyone in my life. Yesterday I went through my day planner and wrote out everything significant that happened so that I could create a layout chronologically organizing my past year..and it was amazing! I bought a house, took a fun class with girlfriends, got published in Paper Crafts magazine for the first time, found out friends were getting married/having babies, met "The One"..the list goes on and on!

This made me realize how truly important it is to keep scrapbooking. I've let it slide over the years, but I would really like to keep an updated scrapbook for 2011. Every month review what all happened, create layouts for specific events, etc. Time goes by so fast now a days, and I want to remember everything I can!

With that in mind, I went to my besties' house last night for our gift exchange with each other, as well as with my niece Makiya. We've done this every year, but the last three years has been even more special with the birth of my niece. Now that she is 2 1/2, she is SO much fun at Christmas and so excited for Santa (it helps that you can tell her Santa is watching when she starts pouting too!). I went home and downloading my pictures from the night on to my computer and realized I have captured a photo of her and I every Christmas since she was born..and it mystified me as to how much she has changed! And with that, I give you my 3 year Christmas with Makiya in review:

Here she and I are for our very first Christmas together! She was born in August, so would have been 4 months old here...awww :)

And here we are in 2009, she turned in to such a munchkin so fast! I love her goofy little grin here...gosh I hope she knows how much she is loved!

And finally, our annual photo, taken last night:

Poor sweetheart has had the flu bug that's been going around, so last night she was allowed a couple of chocolates from her princess advent calendar..just so she could catch up! She has an amazing personality and my Lord she is busy! Running and playing and laughing! There are still moments when I have absolutely no idea what she is saying, but at that age you can nod and play along with them and they won't know the difference ;) She warms my heart and I love her so much..and I'm so excited for next Christmas, where she will be the big sister to a little boy or girl!!! ;)

Happy Crafting everyone...I hope you are taking in everything that the holidays has to offer and cherishing every moment!

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