Not a Creature Was Stirring..

Merry Christmas Eve, Eve!! haha

I'm still plugging away at the office so it doesn't completely feel like the holidays yet, but we are coming in again tomorrow til noon and then I'm off for 10.5 glorious days!! I'm so excited!!

Last night I spent some time with my mom, wrapping a present for Adam's family, eating dinner and watching "Four Christmases".. and then Jakey and I drove around to look at lights before coming home to wrap presents on the floor by the tree watching my all time favorite childhood Christmas movie, One Magic you remember this movie? It was made in 1985 (I was one!) and mom taped it for Curtis and I and we watched it every Christmas! I haven't seen it in years so last night I poured a glass of wine, PVR'd the movie and felt instantly giddy watching a movie that made me feel like I was 4 years old again, waiting for Santa to arrive!!

Adam and I will spend some time with my family tomorrow night but when we go home, we will snuggle up on the couch and watch this movie together..I am so excited!!

Other than that, I have a few small errands to run and I am ready for Christmas!! Have a very Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

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