Countdown to Christmas

Its the 21st...can you believe it?! This month has completely flown by! In fact, this entire year has gone by so ridiculously fast..I can hardly stand it! In just 10 days it will mark a YEAR since I officially bought my new home that I am now in! A YEAR?!? Jeez...time really needs to slow down now..

But since it is only 4 days til the most wonderful day of the year arrives we are busy putting the final touches on presents, buying those few last minute gift ideas, baking cookies and watching holiday movies. My favorite holiday movie by far is - Elf. Who doesn't love Elf? "I'm singing...I'm in a store...and I'm SINGING"..hehehe, love it ;)

Adam will be home on Friday and will be busy wrapping presents to place under the tree..and we are so excited to start our holiday festivities!! Its pretty dang cold out there but it makes me happy to know that means we'll have snow for Christmas!!

I'm off to continue my merry making...hope you are all ready and settled in for the holidays!!! Happy Crafting everyone!

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