It's Christmas Time in the City..

Officially in countdown mode..only one more weekend to finish your Christmas shopping!! Adam and I will be spending our weekend in Calgary, visiting a Christmas filled Heritage Park, going shopping and visiting with his best friend and his wife. I'm really excited to get away for a mini holiday with Adam..we both love just disappearing for awhile!

This past weekend was another busy one for us. Friday night we visited with mom and dad over beers than went on a date to the movies to catch, "Due Date". The movie was funny enough, but nothing I would see again unless it were on tv. I am always so disappointed when all the funny scenes are shown in the previews!!

Saturday morning we had visitors over, my cousins and their 6 month old daughter as well as my parents came to visit while I did a photo shoot with the little girl..she was such an awesome poser for me..just sat there, all content..not one tear all morning!

Then we headed out for lunch with mom and dad, ran some errands and got ready for my office Christmas party! Before we knew it we were at a friends' house for pre-party drinks, hopped in a cab and away the party went! We went to bed around 3:30 that morning..and let me tell you, I'm still paying for the lack of sleep today!

Needless to say, yesterday was full of laziness. We laid in bed til 11:30, had a quick breakfast and ran some errands that Adam needed to do for the farm, grabbed lunch and ate it while watching "Fred Claus", had a nap and before I knew it, it was time for my beau to leave me again :( I always get a knot in my tummy when he goes to leave..but I'm thankful that in just 4 more days he'll be back for our weekend in Calgary!!

Now tonight I'll be finishing my wedding photo cd and starting the edits on Jaelyn's first photo shoot..very excited to see these!! Hope you are all having a wonderful start to your week..take care everyone and Happy Crafting!!

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