Friday Randoms

Once again, its snowing here. I'm not complaining because its December, and December is the only month that I love when it snows...but I still don't like the cold! I don't like that I have to start my car 10 minutes before I have to leave for work just so that it doesn't feel like I'm sitting in an ice cube tray while driving to work. I hate when I have to scrape my windshield for what feels like forever until my arms feel like falling off, just so that I can see where I'm going in the darkness of the early morning. And I hate..I repeat HATE being cold! But no, I'm not sir, not here!

Today starts off another busy weekend and I'm super duper excited because

A) Adam is on his way here again (YAY!);
B) I have my cousin's 6 month old daughters' photo shoot tomorrow morning at my home; and
C) Tomorrow night is my company Christmas Party and they all finally get to meet Adam! Oh, and there's free food and booze (and who wouldn't love that?!)

How are you all doing on your Christmas shopping? I approached this year in a very zen-like manner. I had no gifts going in to December..and I wasn't stressed or panicked or freaking out as per usual. No, I just kept slowly picking up presents, one after another..until yesterday I realized I'm pretty much done! Just like that! No one night shop til you drop marathon, no stressing over what to get whom..nope, I made my list...I checked it twice..and before I knew it: its time to wrap prezzies! And oh how I love to wrap prezzies ;) Last night I realized I had a few gifts out for Adam that needed to be covered so I sat down with 2 new rolls of Hallmark wrapping paper-goodness and wrapped to my hearts' content. I've left them without the icing (the ribbons and bows and accessories I lovingly add to all my presents) just so that I could sit down and really wrap them up nicely another night!

But I'm not going to lie, I look at the calendar and mu heart sinks a little when I realize there is only 2 weeks left til the jolly old elf arrives. I know that is a strange sentence, but its true! It makes me sad that as we get older the month of December (just like every other month in a year!) just flies by us..there are so many things that make this month special to me and I hate how fast it goes by! 2 weeks..thats all we have left. And then its on to a whole new year with all new goals and hopes and dreams..something I look forward to as well!

So here it is, my goal for the next 2 weeks:
-Take every day and make it special. Do something Christmas related every day: bake cookies, wrap presents, watch a holiday movie, go for a drive and look at Christmas something to take in the holidays! And, scrapbook the month as I remember. Keep contributing to my Christmas Journal and add in whatever extras I want to..this year is so special for me, my whole family together, my amazing man by my side and his family, my new family..all around us. It truly is a magical time of year!

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