'Tis Near Halloween..

When witches go riding and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, "Tis near Halloween". Ah, I love that sentiment..it makes my heart beat just a little faster in anticipation of the ghoulish fun to be had in nearly a week's time! Last night I was out decorating my front porch with all things pertaining to witches (at Halloween I'm obsessed with witches!)when, to my surprise I realized I had inadvertantly locked myself out of the house! Yup, Jakey was inside, the oven was on cooking my supper, rice cooking on the stove..it wasn't good! Quickly I ran behind to my lovely neighbors who graciously let me in to use their phone and once again my dad came to the rescue a mere 10 minutes later!! I'd like to say that will be the last time that happens..but I know myself too well!

But it was fixed in minutes and I got back to prepping for trick or treaters! I hung my witch window cling from Martha Stewart on my front window (she looks so cool at night!) and this weekend, Adam and I will be making a cauldron full of bubbling brew (thanks to BHG!) I'll post my house photos once everything is up and decorated!!

As for myself, I will be dressing up next Friday for the office..as a witch, of course. I have my long black dress, my spider rings, striped stockings, witch shoes and of course, my pointy hat! I think its great to have one day to be whoever you want to be..young or old its never boring on Halloween!!

On another note, I recently found the super fun application of Poladroid..and with that I'll leave you with my latest creation..happy weekend everyone!!

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