Thursday Randoms

The original title for today's post was "Friday Randoms", yup..nothing worse than thinking its a Friday and realizing its only Thursday!! My crafty mojo is...nowhere to be seen, it's left me high & dry! I have many things on my crafty to do list but something is missing. Hopefully it'll be back in time for all the new PTI goodies I plan on ordering at tonight's release!! ;) Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas over at PTI, have you seen it? My shopping list is ever expanding..I just love this time of year!

This weekend I'm heading back out to the farm, there is so much going on out there! The dome home is steadily coming along, I have photo's on my camera, but again that just hasn't been done yet. Also, its my BF's Birthday this Sunday, he'll be 28!! Also on the list for this weekend is the town's annual Fowl Supper..I'm a little nervous to attend, it will be the first time I meet a lot of people from town and well, its never easy being the new girl..keep your fingers crossed for me please!

Then next week I plan to go in to full Halloween mode. The spider webs will be strewn across my front porch, the witch shoes for my costume will be dug out and the Halloween candy will finally be purchased (every year I purchase bags of candy and eat it all myself before I buy more for the kids..this year I figured I'd take a much healthier approach!) Are you ready for the spookiest time of year yet?!?

Speaking of Halloween..I thought I'd leave you today with this too cute to spook image, courtesy of Flikr

Happy Crafting Everyone!

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