The Witch is in..

Halloween is in exactly 4 more days and if it weren't for the freak winter frost we have got going on here..I'd be outside hanging spiders webs this afternoon on my front porch. Fingers are crossed that this happens before Sunday..gotta spook the place up a little, you know? This past weekend out at the farm, Adam and I took a little time out of our day to make my bubbling cauldron of witches turned out fantastic! Just needs a few little touch ups and I'll be photographing it while placing it on my porch! Its green and filled with bugs and eyeballs..mmm mmm good!

Then, come Monday morning..I'm in full Christmas swing! The Christmas cards have been designed, the lights will go up shortly outside and the hunt for the perfect (faux) Christmas tree will be on! It truly is the most wonderful time of the year!!!

On another note, Adam surprised me Sunday night by telling me he's whisking me away to Niagara Falls next weekend (I love surprises) So we will be taking off next Friday and returning on the following Monday. I am so excited to get away for awhile! This will be our first holiday together before the big one in'll be just perfect for us =)I've always envied people who get up and go away somewhere for the weekend..reading Kelly Purkey's blog sure makes me antsy too..and finally I get to experience that!! And, best news of all is we're wanting to make this a more frequent event in our lives!!

So what do you have left to do before Halloween? Is the candy bought? The decorations up? I can't wait to see everyone's photo's from this weekend!! Happy Crafting everyone!

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