Autumn 2010

Last night I came home from work, loaded my camera and Jakey up in my car and took off to take some pictures of the changing leaves around me. It's been years since I went out with the main purpose of photographing things and let me tell you, it made me very happy! I drove in to the same parks I've visited for years, walked around and gathered images that spoke to me and made a plan to visit these same spots once a week for the rest of Fall to capture the season in all its glory

Taking the time to stop and photograph these images was good for my soul. Besides fighting with Jake over which direction to go in to, my mind was still and peaceful and just like any other time I'm creating, I really felt like I was in my element

So, here's the plan: every Thursday I will be back to post pictures of Autumn in my neighborhood..I'll document the changing of the seasons and reflect on how quickly things can change in a week's time..until next week, I'll be curling up with a good book, clean up the remaining foilage in the yard and indulging in one too many pumpkin spice latte's..

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