The Last Days of Summer..

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Okay, so it's not really the last days of summer...yet, but I find myself the last couple of weeks really looking forward to Autumn. Now, its no secret that I LOVE Fall..its the most amazing and beautiful of seasons to me! But I have a lot to look forward to and be thankful for and personally, the aisles of Michaels or no help whatsoever. Have you been there lately?! Their Halloween products are set up on their shelves, displays are being installed for Christmas stamps..its almost as if I were a kid in a candy store..September to December is where I really shine. I plan to start creating tons of Halloween & Christmas goodies for the ol blogaroonie VERY soon ;)

Coming up this weekend is my niece's 2nd on Earth could she possibly be 2 is still escaping me! I went over to her house last night to help her mom & dad paint her bedroom into a beautiful princess oasis, but before I did she asked me to put her to bed and as I tucked her in she whispered, "Aunty, you are beautiful" and for a minute, nothing else in this world existed except for sweet, precious little niece :) I can't wait to post pictures of her birthday on here for you all to see next week!

And, as soon as her party is over I'm back on the road to my beau. And for the first time ever, I will be harvesting!! Yup, my beau and his family will start harvesting on Thursday and I will come for the night and Sunday to help lend a hand and then starting on the 22nd I will spend a week of my holidays riding in a semi, hauling grain and gettin dirty..oddly enough, I couldn't imagine spending my holidays anywhere else!

So, like I said..many things to be excited for in the next few months..many, many things ;) One of which I can hardly wait to announce (come back next Tuesday for a huge announcement that I'm very excited for!!)

Take care everyone and, of course, happy crafting!!

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