Spring has almost sprung

Photo Credit: Sherelle Christensen

I saw this stunning photo on Sherelle's blog and it instantly tore at my heart! There is just something about Spring and baby animals that makes this little heart of mine go pitter patter :) The colors in the photo are amazing..stunning actually and it reignites that feeling in me of wanting to become a better photographer.. I think I'll just add that to my "To Do" list for this summer!!

I know most of you are still experiencing quite of bit of snow..at least down South from us you are..which is ironic as Canada is experiencing our Spring..Americans are getting snow! Whodathunkit? But I'm sure you are all itching for sunshine and warm days, green grass and flowers..I know I am!!

I've been blog hopping a lot lately, trying to recapture my crafty mojo..I don't know where its run off to but I hope it comes back soon! I finally finished getting in all my February PTI orders yesterday and there it sits..waiting for me to ink it up and create..so I hope to be back soon with some Spring beauties..but until then, Happy Spring and Happy Crafting!!

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