Project 2010 Update!

The countdown is on, only 23 days til I am officially a home owner!! Eeek! I have been busy planning away, visualizing what this "home sweet home" of mine will look and feel like. I imagine my niece running around giggling, having friends and family over for barbeques and relaxing amongst the flowers I will plant there in the coming months..its all very surreal!

I spoke with the lawyers yesterday and am going in on Thursday to sign my life over and make this official. Its intimidating and exciting at the same time, but I just can't wait to get this process going! I am waving goodbye to my savings and hello to a whole new chapter in my life :)

I, of course, have become a stalker of this new home of mine (hehe) and I think the new neighbors are starting to figure out who the new owner is by my constant drive by's. I'm serious, almost every day I drive by just to look at it! This place is slowly revealing itself to me as the snow melts and I love what I see!!

I can't wait to share this new property with you and reveal my reno's as Project 2010 goes underway in just 23 days!!!

Happy Tuesday everyone!!

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  1. Whooooo-hooooooo, CONGRATULATIONS, girl! Exciting times!!


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