19 Months

I got to spend some "aunty/niece" time again last night with Makiya and I'm still blown away by how fast she is growing up. My best friend is no longer a "new mom", she is now the mom to a toddler and its amazing and awe inspiring and a little scary when you think of how fast time flies by us. When Makiya was born, I made an album for Jodie..her ultrasound photos, her belly shots I took, Makiya's birth and first bath..and then I told Jodie I would scrapbook Makiya's first year and beyond...and haven't completed a single layout to date! So now I'm set on completing this album up to her 19th month so far and I have a looong way to go! How did we get from here:

To here: (?)

I'm going to really enjoy the process of scrapbooking her every month and look forward to smiling at all her photos and retelling her story so that when she is my age, she can look back at things she would have otherwise never remembered. It really is one of the best gifts I think I could ever give her or her mom!!

Last night she said my name for the first time ever and it made my heart well up more than she'll ever know! But I have to keep asking myself... how did we get to 19 months already?!?!


  1. Awww, she's sweet. What great photos of the two of you. Have fun scrapbooking!

  2. ohhhhhhhh that is soooo sweet !
    by the way - you look lovely in the photos and the side bar one too - its lovely to see a big smile on a persons face ! makes the world a friendlier place !

    maddy UK


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