Men come and go but chocolate is forever..

As with many women before me, I have turned to a favorite past-time of mine (baking) to mend a broken heart. Okay so I'm not moping around crying with a trail of tissues behind me..but any excuse to bake is a good one, no?

After reading Melissa Phillips entry on her next baking interest was piqued..I mean who wouldn't be curious about a cake named "The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake.Ever"? As a baker, I knew I HAD to try this one out for sure..and let me tell you it did not disappoint!

I gathered my baking supplies last night, turned on Grey's Anatomy and baked to my hearts content! The aroma in my house was warm and chocolatey and as I poured the batter on to the cake sheet I had to laugh as, there on the floor, was my trusty side kick Jake, drooling and licking his lips, waiting for just a drop to hit the floor. Once the cake was out of the oven I poured the nutty icing on to the warm cake and couldn't resist digging my fork in immediately...

Oh.My.God...thats all I can say to possibly describe this amazing piece of heaven on a fork! If you love chocolate and quick need to check out this recipe..The Pioneer Woman knows what she's talking about!! See her photo below for proof...mmmm

As well, I have recently added a new baking cookbook to my stash entitled "The Happy Baker: A Daters Guide to Emotional Baking"..its written by a fellow Canadian and let me tell you, I cannot wait to dive in to her recipes..the titles are hilarious, the photos are drool worthy and her dating stories are reminders that we've all be there..(and we all know where there is!). If you know someone who is going through a break up, experiencing dating disasters or just plain loves to bake.. I highly recommend this little gem!!

Other than that, Happy Friday everyone! Woo hoo! we made it through another week! I plan on doing a little cleaning, a little movie watching and a whole lot of eating Pioneer Womans chocolate cake this about you?

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  1. OH yeah, any excuse to bake...and eat the baked a good excuse to me! Hehe! That cake looks absolutely DELICIOUS! Mmmmm mmmmm!


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