Heritage Park

Happy Monday everyone!

As promised, here are a few of the hundred photos I took yesterday at Heritage Park! We headed out of town bright and early and made the Park a full day event that left us exhausted :) The park has changed so much in the last 6 years or so since we've been there, which was great to see!! This first picture was fun for me to see as we had our photo taken in this exact same spot the last time we were here and I love to see how much we've changed :) I should have found the old photo and did a comparison on here for you...maybe I still will!

The park also reno'd their Gasoline Alley museum which, especially if you are a vintage car enthusiast, is a great place to check things out! I love how this photo turned out..

Now this little guy was parked in behind the school yard and although it served no real purpose I loved its colours and now I'm glad I took this shot..its a favorite of mine from the entire day! I love its colours and the font they've used...need to investigate its name and use it on upcoming projects!

This is just a random shot of one of their main streets and all the vintage cars that they staff use to drive around in. The greatest thing about this park is that the staff don't just dress up, they live the lives of their characters! You can speak with them and they let you know who they are and what their jobs are as if they are living back in the 1900's.

Here is the school teacher explaining to us the student's curriculums and how teachers jobs were dependent on their Christmas productions as it was the "social event of the year". If the Christmas play was a failure? The teacher was not asked back to teach the following year!

We decided to take a ride on their ferry boat, the S.S Moyie.. which takes you along the shore of the Glenmore Resevoir!

After our ferry boat ride, we went to the candy store and ice cream shoppes to load up on goodies :) I just love these registers!

Also, I would like to introduce you to our new friend, Bart. He is the parks' resident donkey (and a very handsome fellow if you ask me!) Kim fell in love with this little guy..but unfortunately you turn black when you pet him, so it was a short lived love affair ;)

Before even leaving home, I knew the one shot I wanted was of their steam locomotive..and I wasn't disappointed..
You can pay for a train ride through the park and it picks you up/drops you off at any one of the 4 unique train stations!
And last but not least, the main ranch where there is always usually something cooking in the kitchen and ranchmen on hand to talk with. Unfortunately though, as we went on a Sunday the housekeeper let us know that Sundays were their days of rest so she was there to talk of her usual routines on the farm. On the porch was the dinner triangle (the "bell" to ring and let the ranch hands know dinner was on!) as well as another woman who went through the daily routines of the children of the house!!

All in all it was a great day and I'm so glad I got to go back to the Park that I've visited quite a few times with my family. It made me realize the kind of life I truly want to live and hopefully one day I will get on an acreage myself! But until then, I can't wait for the day that I will have children to bring back to this place and let the magic of its heritage excite them like it did for me when I was kid!
Have a great Monday everyone!

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