Happy Canada Day!!

Hey Everyone!!
Today is my country's 142nd birthday!! There is something so awesome about having a holiday mid-week in the summer, I just love it!! To celebrate Canada Day, I made a super festive card that just screams Canada...

This is such a fun, festive card! I love it and I think I'll use this in some sort of way in a scrapbook page about todays' activities..
You gotta love a glittery maple leaf ;)
This sentiment is beyond true for me, I really am proud to be Canadian!! Its one of the most beautiful countries on Earth and I hope to one day travel it from coast to coast and take it just exactly what all this beautiful place has to offer!
Our day included a trip with Jake out to the Lake (Elkwater is just 45 minutes from home and it feels like a completely different province!) We went to the Beach, had some lunch, drove around the campgrounds and checked on my family's old cabin that was built by my great grandparents many years ago. The lake was where I spent my childhood summers and it holds a very special place in my heart!
Here is Jake at the beach..showing his Canadian pride:
And here is a special friend we came upon..

Now we're off to our friends for a BBQ and then its time for fireworks!! I'll post pictures tomorrow of tonight's events..have a great night everyone!!
Happy Crafting!

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