Around the Yard..

Hey guys!
You can find my card post for the day here. But today I thought I'd share some pics of our yard and of course my sweet "lil" doggie, Jake! I love being outside in the summer and getting my hands dirty in the soil. Watching something you plant from seed blossom into a beautiful flower really gives you a sense of accomplishment!! And there is nothing better to me than sitting back at the end of a long day and taking in a beautiful surrounding..

The Russian Olive was planted a few years back and its honestly my favorite place to hang out under and read..

My dad built this chair at a class a few years back and it seriously is the most comfortable chair in the yard! And the reminds me so much of our cabin out at the Lake..

I guarantee you that this peony will be blooming by weeks' end!

And of course, one of my favorite flowers..the good 'ol Daisy..

Alright.. Jakey and I are off for a late lunch and catching up on some reading under the Olive Tree..have a great day guys and I'll be back tomorrow!

Ain't he sweet?

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