It's Finally Spring!

Spring has finally started to show its face around here! In a blink of an eye the trees are turning green and the perennials are poking their heads up from a very long winters' nap. This past winter seemed like it would never end!!

The beginning of any new season always gets me excited, makes me feel refreshed and leaves me anticipating new changes in my life. I've gone through a lot this year already and without hesitation, I'm ready to fully jump into a new, exciting time in my life. I've contemplated what I'd like to do to change things up for myself and I know that developing my creative side is definitely up first on the docket! I'm interested in teaching myself more about photography, learning new papercrafting skills and even new stamping techniques. I just became a stamper this past summer (you wouldn't know that by looking at the stamp supplies I've managed to gather in such a short period!). And I can't help but be intrigued by more advanced stampers and what you really can do with just some paper, ink and stamps!

What does a new season mean to you? What is on your list of things to accomplish this season? Whatever it excited for it, learn everything you can about it and pass what you learn on to others! Happy Spring everyone!

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