the week in farm photos - October 27th to November 2

Happy Sunday everyone!! Welcome to week 2 of my sharing our week in farm photos. I have to say, I really hope I can remain consistent with these posts because I love looking back on our weeks and seeing how much goes on around us and how much changes in our day to day! Plus, keeping up with these posts help with my Project Life albums as ;) 

This week was a busy one..many of these photos you have already seen on the blog thanks to my Week in The Life project I have been doing. But, nonetheless, I still wanted to share my favourites here with you. So without further is what happened on our farm this week:

Hope you all enjoyed a safe and fun Halloween this year. We definitely enjoyed our first Halloween as parents (this momma gets pretty sentimental when it comes to that stuff!) and Hudson just looked so darn cute in his costume(s). Very excited for November..because that means December isn't far behind ;) Until next weekend....


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