Snowy Thursdays

The snow fell again last night. This morning we woke up to a pitch black world with no idea what was waiting for us when the sun would eventually come up. Around these parts, that means we now wait past 8:30 am before the dark lifts for the shorter days. Winter is definitely here.

While Hudson napped this morning, I cleaned the kitchen and started yet another load of laundry.. It seems dirty clothing is one thing I never run out of these days, how does that happen? And then I decided I would look for a few things in the basement which left me coming up empty handed and beyond frustrated. It seems like around here all there is is projects. So many projects started and still left unfinished. Rooms with boxes are countless, the "stuff" we have collected over the last 30 years spills from the corners and leaves me anxious and overwhelmed. I have wished out loud for a fairy to come and take all of our mess of our hands and put it away somewhere, out of sight. I can't keep up. I can't seem to get it organized. All I see online are beautiful homes and mothers who have a place for everything and I wonder how they do it. Why can't I get it together over here? Maybe someday..maybe I'll get my act together and whip this place into shape this winter...but until will carry on and it waits for we might as well stop and take it in while we can because some day, I won't have all this extra laundry or these toys to pick up or the dirty face to wipe..and someday, I'll maybe even miss this mess..


  1. So glad that you can "keep it real" and share that you are a normal mother and wife. We all have clutter, and if no one talked about it, and shared it, we'd think we were abnormal!

  2. Thanks for saying the truth out loud. I do not believe the perfect homes - it comes with a curse (or a price).

  3. I totally agree, not sure how others do it. You are doing so good with Hudson, the house and boxes can wait a bit longer. It will get done when the time is right. Little boys grow up way too fast so enjoy this age while you can. Soon enough he will be big enough to help you with chores and keep busy on his own things and you can get things settled. xo


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