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You guys!! I have seen her prints floating thru Pinterest for at least a year now but never looked into who the artist was or what her story is. Until now. My friends, I am currently obsessed with Katie Daisy..her work is absolutely gorgeous and inspiring

I perused her Etsy shop this past weekend and ordered a handful of prints for our home. And I cannot wait til their arrival! This Winter we will be working on more reno's for our old farmhouse and since we moved in last November, there hasn't been much of anything hung on a single wall in our home. But I know just the place for most of my prints I have ordered, including 3 I purchased for Hudson's room!

I don't think I could choose a favourite piece from her. They are all so full of life and beautiful

This piece below speaks to me. I have always been just a wee bit wild and carefree and somedays I think I have forgotten that part of this is just a lovely little reminder ;)

This one just feels very country to me and I think a large print of this needs to be hung inside my home..I just have to decide on where and I will definitely be purchasing it!

I don't know that I'll always post things I'm currently obsessing over but, you just never know! I'm the type of person that, when I find something I am excited about? I cannot stop thinking about it! I really do obsess for days. And this really isn't any different! You can find Katie on Instagram here where she shares little snippets of her beautiful life as a new mommy in the Pacific Northwest

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