Farm Dreamin'

When I first met Adam and found out he was a farmer, I'll admit I was intrigued! I grew up spending time at my uncles cattle ranch, riding tractors and chasing cows and, although I never imagined I'd be a farm wife..I did like the idea of it. When I asked him what kind of animals he had, he responded with "our golden retriever, Simon" and my heart dropped a little. What kind of farm was he running?!

Well, it turns out, a grain farm is what he runs..and a beautiful one at that! Every Spring the machinery comes back to life, seeds are sown and grain is grown/harvested and shipped worldwide. It's a beautiful thing and I am beyond proud to be a part of it!

When I mentioned to Adam that I wanted chickens 2 years ago, he was all for it! When he was a child growing up on this very farm, they raised chickens, ducks and turkeys for fun so he figured it would be a fun little adventure for me. He wanted me to feel like I was a part of this farm now..and so that Spring, 14 chicks came home with us. 


I'll admit it, my chickens bring me more joy than I ever thought possible. I enjoy their daily antics, their happy clucks when I spread treats on the ground and especially how they come running when they see me walking towards them. It's a kind of relationship only animal lovers could ever understand!!

And now that I have 2 years of chicken keeping under my belt, my farm dreams have expanded..big time! I want to build this farm up to something truly beautiful and remarkable. Something photo-worthy and full of life! And by life..yes I mean flowers, fruits & veggies but also..animals!! Lots and lots of animals..

(All photos below are from my Pinterest board: Farm Life)

I really am obsessed with keeping a hive of bees. Which is hilarious considering I'm deathly afraid of them! But the idea of harvesting my own honey? Hands down a true experience I want to have!


A miniature donkey has been on my wish list for 2 years now. Our neighbours down the road have a few in their pasture and every day I drive past them and daydream about bringing them home with me

I already have the chickens, why not some ducklings added to the mix? We already have a dugout ready to go!! Silver Applewoods are my favorite


Yup..I want a couple of piglets. Yes I know they are loudy, stinky and messy it..well I think they are just plain cute!!

There is a goat farm approximately 100 miles from our farm and whenever I drive into the city, I get to drive by and watch their antics in the field. I seriously might just stop one day and pick 2 up and surprise Adam..okay maybe not..


For me, no farm is complete without a couple of lambs. Their cuteness leaves me undone every time I see one. Definitely a must have!!


Last but not least..I want 3 white geese that wander our property endlessly. I have heard they aren't the friendliest of animals to keep so will be looking into that with our having children around but seriously...another must have for me!!

So while this is just some simple farm dreaming for me..I hope someday our farm will be blessed with all kinds of life. Until then..someone give this list to my farmer..tell him he can shop from it ;)

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