Welcome 2014!

Its here! Its here! A brand new year! 2014 you already seem full of wonder to me. You are new and sparkly and full of promise! I cannot wait to explore what you have in store for me and my little family. I have plans for the New Year...big plans, and I am so excited to start this journey. Last year was a very full year for us, it started with the heartbreak of losing our family stone in February but was quickly filled with a successful farming year and the news that we were expecting our first child, a son in January of 2014. We had many highs and many lows to go thru. Relationships grew and changed, challenges were made and met and life moved on. I can whole heartedly say 2013 was by far my least favorite year that I have gone thru, for many reasons. But, there were some major highlights that I wanted to focus on!! Here are a few of my favorite moments/images from 2013:

And with that, its on to 2014! The year our son will be born and our home and hearts will expand to depths we never imagined possible. The year we realize some major goals and plans..its going to be a beautiful year! I chose my word for 2014 a couple of weeks ago and I found myself nestled in to the word, "grow". For so many reasons, I feel this word represents this year perfectly. Our family will "grow" with the birth of our son any day now. I will "grow" into a mommy. I will work to "grow" as a human being. I will "grow" fruits and vegetables with my own hands to feed my family. I will "grow" as an artist. I will "grow" as  photographer. I will "grow" beauty around me. 2014 is all about growth...and I love that.

So here is to a blank new year..full of beauty and possibilities. I plan to return to the life of a blogger in 2014 as well as a Project Life documenter. I have already started my cover page and our Week 1 recordings (I will document Mondays - Sundays again as I did in 2013). 2014...lets do this!

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  1. The perfect word for you and your "growing" family. Wishing you much joy for 2014.


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