Quotable Wednesdays

So, so true!! Fearfully & amazingly so..
Happy Wednesday everyone!!


  1. Good Morning! This is kind of irrelevant to this particular post, however, I want to tell you I LOVE your posts! I follow you on instagram (Nikala_smith) and on pinterest, but hopefully it doesn't come across in a creepy way! I just really love your feed and I feel like can relate to your lifestyle as it's quite similar to mine! You are such an inspiration! I am wondering about the few pics on a blog post a while ago...it was a collage of pictures...what program/app did you use for that? I have a blog with blogspot and have a heck of a time trying to put pictures side by side or in any organized fashion! Drives me MAD!
    Thank you! Hope that little boy of your decides soon to come out and meet his mom+dad!

    1. Hi Nikala!!
      Haha you are too sweet, thank you so much!! It's not creepy at all, I find it extremely flattering ;) one of my goals in 2014 is to refresh this blog and get back into regular posting so hopefully that happens as I've quite missed it!
      As for the collages, yes they can be such a pain to try and do but I found an app on my iPhone called PicFrame that I do a lot of my collages on then just import them to my computer. I've printed my collages as well and the resolution has been excellent!


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