The little one in my tummy isn't the only thing I've been nurturing and growing this Spring, my garden is finally coming alive after a late seeding {mostly due to my being in my 1st trimester}. Every day I go out to walk the rows of my 3,000 sq ft garden and find something new and exciting growing before my very own eyes! This morning as the sun was just coming up, I took my camera out to photograph some of the new growth in all its morning dewy glory before the full sun came out. The following is a mix of those photos plus IPhone photos taken and shared via Instagram lately

My garden in all of its glory!

This year I am growing:
Pumpkins (Jacks & Minis), Popcorn, Slicing and Pickling Cucumbers, Sunflowers, Sweet Peas, Zinnias, Cosmos, 2 sowings of Peas, Wildflowers, Carrots, Dahlias, Garlic, Potatoes {about 200lbs worth}, Dill, Tomatoes {Sweet 100's, Beefsteak and Yellow Boys}, Marigolds, Sweet Corn, Pole and Bush Beans, Onion, Beets, Lettuce {Romaine, Mix and Arugula}, Brussels Sprouts & Strawberries. And I'm sure I'm missing a few things as well ;)

My first dahlia is just starting to open today


My pumpkins are starting!

Slicing cukes

Peas & Carrots

My ginormous potatoes

Brussels Sprouts and Beets

yellow tomatoes

pole beans and onions

ahh, just looking at these photos makes me happy. I love getting my hands dirty while working amongst the flowers and bees happily buzzing from plant to plant. It nurtures the soul being out there..

I'm off to visit my mom in the city for a few days. We have a lot planned that includes making dill pickles, shopping and most importantly, Baby Bun has their 2nd Prenatal Appt tomorrow at the hospital and we can hear their heartbeat excited! Have a great week everyone! 

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  1. It is wonderful when you can eat your veggies fresh from your garden.


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