Announcing my biggest project I've ever worked on...

Last month, I had mentioned I was working on a huge project that I wasn't yet ready to announce..well, today is that day my friends! Its the reason you haven't seen me around here lately and the reason my Spring has been full of inexplicable joy and a ton of day time naps..

I'm pregnant!
Adam & I are beyond thrilled to announce that Baby C is finally on their way! We had been wishing and hoping for our first bundle of joy for some time now and, especially after the winter our family has had..we needed this little miracle in our lives to prove to us that life is good again. Baby Bun will be making their debut in January 2014 and is very, very special to all of us. Not only are they our very first baby, they are the first grandbaby on both sides of our families..making this an extraordinary time for our families.
I found out on May 3rd that we were going to have our baby, and I have been glowing ever since. At first, I didn't believe it..I always wondered what my initial reaction would be to finding out I was expecting, and I didn't disappoint! Immediately I started bawling...tears of happiness streamed down my face and I started talking to my Daddio saying "we did it,'re going to be a grandpa" It was truly a special moment I will never, ever forget.
Fast forward to the end of June and Adam & I heard Baby Bun's heartbeat at the doctors office for the very first time. The minute that "woosh woosh" sound could be heard, I started crying..again. It was the most beautiful sound I had ever heard in my life. Things became real..there is a life inside of me and I just heard the proof! The following week we had our first ultrasound and I was able to witness my baby jumping and kicking inside of me. I couldn't look was the most maternal moment I had ever experienced. I'm forming a life. A combination of my husband and myself. How do you explain the joy that comes with that?
My first trimester was not the easiest but I definitely am not complaining..its a gift and a joy to be expecting a child and I won't ever take it for granted. I am now almost in my 17th week and starting to slowly feel somewhat normal again, minus the growing bump I have begun to notice in front of me ;)
In my 16th week :)

So here we go..on our journey to becoming first time parents. We have decided to find out the gender of our little bundle of joy and are anxiously waiting for another month til we can see our little one again on the computer screen and find out if we are team pink or blue. I'm so excited to finally announce our news to the a small way, it makes this journey even more exciting than it already is!


  1. Congratulations! I wondered if that was your new project. So happy for you!

    1. Thank you, Melissa!! We are thrilled and so, so excited for January to come!

  2. Dawn, I'm sooooo excited for you both!! Being a mom is the best thing in the world, glad all is going well for you and baby. Those first couple months are the hardest. Just think a year from now you will be taking your baby for stroller rides thru the farm and teaching them all about chickens and gardening.
    I LOVE LOVE this picture of you, can see the joy and excitement your having!! How cute you look and how tiny you are too.
    I'm sure your dad is so proud and happy for you too, I had the first grandchild on both sides too and I was also the first grandchild so it is pretty awesome!!
    I can't wait till January now to meet this little bundle!
    Oh and I thought your PROJECT had to do with photography or working for a magazine?? Haha, I like this waaaaaay better!!
    Love and hugs dear friend!!

  3. What wonderful news Dawn. Congratulations, enjoy the process of your growing baby.


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