Is this thing on? Is anyone even still on here?

I have been so touched by all of you that have left messages and/or emails wondering if I'm alright or what I have been up to. I just wanted to stop in and let you know that, YES I am 100% happy & healthy..our farm has had a crazy busy but successful Spring and life has been oh so good to us. I'm still here..just haven't had a chance to stop in and let you all know that. I have been working on a very big project over here that I'm super excited to fill you all in on, but I can't just yet. Soon, very soon!!

What else has been going on around here? Well, lets see..

We had a successful seeding this year and despite all the rain that has fallen, its been great for the crops (even my garden, err, weeds have enjoyed the rain)
We enjoyed a family branding that celebrated my grandma's farms 100th anniversary
My sweet baby niece turned 2 (how did that happen?) and I was mystified at how big she's gotten..
Meanwhile her bigger sister, my niece Makiya and her mom and I planted their little garden. And I beamed like the proud aunty I am that she has taken an interest in one of my favorite hobbies..
At the same time I've been walking in my garden and revelling in how its taking shape this year. Everything is slowly growing and giving me an idea of what's to come and it makes me giddy
the rain finally gave in for a short while and allowed Adam to finish his spraying...we were pretty certain the end was never going to come. And yes, a farmers wife should never complain about too much rain, but if it could be spaced out over July..I'd be even happier ;)
Adam & I opened up our family cabin for the Summer and I got giddy thinking of all the memories that will be created here in the years to come..
My babies are 15 weeks and healthy...and I am one proud momma hen, and finally
and last but not least, my beautiful niece had her very first ballet recital. I sat and watched for 3 hours of performances to catch my girls 2 minute performance..and it was 100% worth it. So proud of her!!
and all of this recapping Spring has made Jake one tired puppy...
Yawn. Me too
I think its bedtime..
Keep your screens tuned in here to my blog, please & thank you, can't wait to share my project and other random thoughts with you soon! Cheers to one amazing Summer ahead..

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