Project Life: Week 17

I love this project

Last year, I let myself get so far behind that I was overwhelmed and just gave up. And this year, although I'm behind..I'm not giving up! I have been working away on my weekly spreads and slashing them off my To Do list. And I'm so grateful I'm doing this. 2013 is a huge, huge year for us and this album will be invaluable to look back on for many years to come. With the loss of my Daddio early on in the year, I think it'll be important to look back at how the year unfolded, how our lives continued, how we remembered..this year is life changing.

Week 17 is by far my favorite weekly spread thus far. I'm not normally a pink person but my photo of the tulips I took for Earth Day kind of kicked things off for me and it continued on. I feel like this was the week that really kicked off Spring for me, am wondering if that's why I love it so much?! Here is my full week spread, including 3 inserts {all photo based}

Click to somewhat enlarge these photos
Ah, just looking at these pages makes me happy! Full of sunshine, gardening, farming...everything I love! Lets take a closer look at the left hand side of my week. This was the week of Earth Day, planning the garden, barbequeing and when our famous golf cart came back out on the farm..
On the right hand side of the page was all about the final preparations made to our farm machinery for seeding and getting back out in to the field after a very long and cold Winter. The sunset photo on the top left has become one of my new favorites this year, Adam took his sprayer down South and sprayed out a few acres to test everything before starting in the morning. When he parked it, I saw the light behind it from the setting sun and could not resist photographing it..I'm so glad I did!
I had been hoarding this 4x6 PL insert from my Studio Calico kit for awhile now because I loved it so much, I wanted to wait and use it on a week I adored. And I'm so glad I chose this week to use it! I love the wood grain and typography combined...match made in heaven
On to the inserts! On the left hand side is the front side of my Design I page protector. I had a few favorite photos from my IG feed that I wanted to make sure made it in to my album so I printed them off and placed them in here, not too many words really..but I just wanted them to bring more depth in to my week, and I love it!
Then I included a 5x7 insert as well. I took yet another sunset photo that I fell in love with and there was no way I wanted to leave it out either. I printed it out to 5x7 and in to a page protector it went!
The backside was just a simple 5x7 card I created as a filler
And last but not least, I had to include my collage of my little babies at 7 weeks. I'm trying to keep track of their growth as the weeks go on so thought including it in my PL album would be the perfect place to record it!
 and that, my friends, was Week 17!! It feels so, so good to have it in my album. Put away for another day to peruse and enjoy. I have quite a few more layouts completed that I will be sharing as I go but for me, its just knowing they are in the books that makes me feel satisfied!! I can't wait to see how this year grateful for this project and so grateful for all of you who keep inspiring me and pushing me to continue on, even when I let myself get so far behind! Have a great Tuesday everyone!


  1. Dawn, this week's pages look GREAT!! I LOVE the added inserts, LOOOOOVE the baby chicks! It will be cool to keep track of their growth in PL, so awesome!

    Your photos are always so good, crisp and bright! Awesome job getting this done and not giving up this year! I'm so happy and proud of you, Dawn!!

    These next few months will be so fun for us to record, beautiful nature is happening and will be so fun to share with each other.

    Keep up the good work, loved reading this!

  2. Hi Dawn. Love your pages and you are not that far behind. Great idea to put photos of your little babies in here it will be fun to watch over the year how they have grown.

  3. Noticed that you've gone "missing", and hoping you are just busy on the farm. Love catching up on farming up north, and your corner of the world! Hope to "see" you here again soon!


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