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I hope you all had yourselves a wonderful weekend! Adam has been in the field steady since Thursday evening so I have been mostly on my own, tending to my garden plot and working on catching up on my Project Life album. On Wednesday I planted my first rows of radishes, peas, potatoes and arugula so I have been faithfully watering those seeds daily ever since..and I'm anxiously awaiting them to pop up towards the sun and show me their beautiful green selves! Its been a long winter friends...and my garden may just be the salvation my soul needed this year ;)

I will be posting a lot about my garden this year..sharing my triumphs and failures and I hope I can encourage you to stake out your own little piece of land for growing your own food. The rewards far outweigh the sweat. But even then, there is nothing like the feeling you get working up a sweat in the garden. Truly priceless!

Last night I worked in my garden til sunset, pruning all my old corn stalks & sunflower seeds and cleaning up all the dead foilage left behind from last Fall. I didn't expect to get as much done as I did but, once I started I just couldn't help myself! Pruning takes quite a bit out of you and so I worked out some pent up frustrations that I've been holding on to and I have to tell you..I walked away from the garden last night feeling a weight lifted off my shoulders. And I knew in my heart that if I pour my blood, sweat, tears and heart into my garden this year..I think it will reward me with a healed heart, and I couldn't ask for anything better!

So here's to another growing season...may it be fruitful to us all in more ways than one!!

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  1. So happy for you working in your garden, looking forward to watching it grow. I think it's a great way to get out all the tension/stress and any feelings out, makes your heart and body feel satisfied and filled with joy afterwards. Rich gets sore or tired from getting his garden ready but he always says it's a good kind and makes him happy.
    He just planted the strawberries last night and will work on tilling it more this week, getting last falls leaves, weeds out.
    So glad we can share our gardens together this year. Good luck and I know your will be great!


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