Happy Valentines Day

I had a feeling today might be a hard one for my mom - Valentines Day is pushed as the "most romantic day of the year" and all..but, thankfully, my parents weren't too big on celebrating love on just one day..they managed to celebrate it every.single.day. It made today just a little bit easier to take..

I went ahead and got my mom a cute little card for today - looking thru the variety in the card aisle, I came across a really beautiful/sentimental card that I loved but I knew it would just open the flood gates so I went with one that went along the lines of telling her just how lucky she was because kids like me don't just happen to anyone ;) It made her smile and of course, made her cry..but thats life right now so we'll take it. In my card I asked mom to be my date tonight to the movies. Its been a thing for her and I for many years now - matinee's on weekends have been a favorite past time of ours that I love and I knew we were long overdue. The movie, Safe Haven came out today and, although I really want to see it, I knew laughs were required so we went to Identity Thief with Melissa McCartney {love that girl!}

The theatre was sold out and we definitely enjoyed ourselves. It was worth standing in line for and I'm so glad we did it. Mom won't be going out much for the next little while but I'm so glad she came with me, I enjoyed every single minute with her, as I always do!!
Now tonight, as my farmer is back on the farm, I'm spending time with my momma and my baby, Jake..
I hope wherever you are, you enjoyed a wonderful Valentines Day..be it with your sweetheart, a loved one or even your favorite movie..whatever you did, I hope you enjoyed every minute of it. And because I couldn't resist adding a photo of my Daddio, who is my mom's true Valentine..I thought I'd throw this oldie but goodie in for good measure ;) Happy Heart Day everyone!!


  1. Great photo of you and your mom... so sweet of you to be your mom's date.

  2. You are such a special daughter...your mom must appreciate this gesture a lot.

  3. How sweet this is, so glad you can be there for each other. It is so hard to buy cards sometimes, none of them are just right and making them is even harder for me.

    I did see Safe Haven and it just didn't click for me, not sure why but my girls loved it.

    Happy belated Valentines sweet friend. Thanks for always always sharing older photos, they make me smile!


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!! I appreciate hearing from you, have a great day!

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