Project Life 2013 - Week 1

I can't believe it. I have currently begun week 3 of Project Life...and I've stuck with it! Its a miracle, y'all! If you've stuck with me since last years meager attempt, you'll know that I posted oh..1, maybe 2 spreads of my Project Life? Sure I put more photos in to the page protectors..but its a sad, sad state of affairs my friends. Just plain, sad. So, you can imagine my surprise at how excited I was for 2013 to begin so I could start off fresh! Maybe it was my excitement for the Seafoam Edition {ordered and currently on its way to me} but whatever it was, I'm glad I decided to go for it.

Once everything happened in December with my family, I had a moment where I seriously doubted wanting to record 2013. It looked pretty dark and scary to me and I just wasn't sure if I wanted a year like that to be documented. But then I snapped out of it and I realized that, you know what? Its part of my life story. Whatever happens this year is going to happen, but I would always regret not taking the hour or 2 a week it takes to just print off my photos and record our daily happenings. So I made a deal with myself that I would give it a try. and I don't know why, but I feel the urge to document more than ever this year. I believe my dads illness has woken me up to how precious time is and to make the most out of every day, no matter what comes our way. And, although its only 4 pages at the moment, this album already makes me happy. Its fully of memories, stories, heartbreak,! I've made a point to journal every thought, every emotion and I know that, years from now, this album, this going to be one of my most valuable treasures.

Week 1 was kind of dark for our family. It began with hope that a new year would automatically cure all the pains of 2012 but that hope was blown away by Jan 3rd when a family meeting kicked us in the stomach, leaving us gasping for air. But we survived it. We made it thru...and we even did so with a few smiles on our faces

{click on the photos to see a larger version of each photo}

On the left hand side I documented dads first hair cut since his surgery - it had been driving him nuts and that's all he wanted to do when he got home, was get a hair cut! I also included a photo of Adam & I when he came back thru town on his way to help his brother. The bottom photo is the first day my Daddio got to eat, you should've seen his face! He was thrilled at the taste of it


The 3x4 cards (above) this week are a mix of photos and random fillers. The little photo on the left is the view from dads hospital room, I shot that New Years Day when we came to bring him home for the day {so grateful for Day Passes!}, the calendar is a new must have for me in my PL album, it highlights the days I'm focusing on that week and just gives my pages that little added something. The bathing suit was an image from the internet. I've wanted one of these vintage style suits for such a long time and this one finally came on sale! And the weather shot - I've seen this done in many albums and wanted it as well for mine. So far its already pretty interesting to look back and see how much the weather differs week to week!

Look at my Daddio eating his yogurt, makes me smile

The right hand side of the page...full of emotions, good and bad! The top portion of the page speaks volumes to me. The left hand photo was taken the night of Jan 3rd, after our family meeting with the doctors. I was devastated. I was crying. I felt utterly hopeless. Then, we started Friday as a brand new day. Dad came home for the day and my best friend brought my beautiful nieces over to visit and cheer us up. I love this photo of my niece Makiya & I, she made me feel happy again and I reveled in every moment of it!

The 3x4 card for this side's spread are full of hope and beautiful things that happened. On the left was my dads beautiful piece of artwork that my friends 1 yr old daughter finger painted for him. Isn't it gorgeous? I took a photo of the artwork and put it in a 4x6 slot below as well because I really wanted to remember this thoughtful gift. The Week in Review card is also a new must have for my weekly spreads. I created it in Photoshop using Studio Calico brushes and just jotted down the most important things I wanted to remember from this week. The next 2 cards are quotes that hold a lot meaning for me. The colorful one was from Pinterest and the blk/white one is Elise Blaha Cripes. I love them both so much!

and finally, I added a small 5x7 insert for this week. My beautiful niece, when she came for a visit on Friday, brought this coloring for my dad to cheer him up. She has been working so hard on staying within the lines and I am pretty sure this is her best work yet! She gave it to my dad with a huge beam on her face, letting him know she made she to make it look like a rainbow, just for him. The original is hanging in his hospital room so I scanned the page in to my computer and made sure it went in to my album. I knew this was yet another piece of art I didn't want to forget!

and that, my friends, is week 1 of Project Life 2013! I have Week 2 already photographed and in the album, I plan to upload that post in a few days. Tomorrow I am off to the city, I have finally kicked this cold enough that I can rejoin my family and be with my mom and dad. Hope that wherever you are, you are enjoying a beautiful week!


  1. Dawn, this has made my day!!! I'm soooo excited to see your pages, how awesome you did. I love the way you captured the week, even though a bad week but now you have the memories and your feelings written down here and that' going to help you get thru this hard time. I LOVE LOVE that your nieces are in here and little happy things for your dad. The quotes totally make this page more heartfelt and REAL too!! You did an awesome job getting it all in here my friend, keep up the good work, I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!!

    Oh and the image of the bathing suit, perfect too with the winter weather outside your thinking ahead, that's great. WOW WOW WOW you guys are cold up there, man not sure I could take those cold temps. We have only had a few nights of 19 degrees, brrrrr

    Have safe travels back to your dad and enjoy this time with him. HUGS AND PRAYERS AND SMILES TODAY!!


  2. Thanks for sharing your life. Sounds like it's been a tough road. Kudos to you for doing PL... what you've done so far looks amazing. Keep up the great work.


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!! I appreciate hearing from you, have a great day!

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