Wienie Roast in November

Most Novembers that I remember have never been as warm as this one we are currently in. The snow is expected to return again today {ugh} but this week we enjoyed some beautiful weather {I'm talking t-shirt outside kinda weather} and yesterday, we were determined to soak it all in! Adam & I got up in the morning and started a bonfire with all the extra pieces of wood laying around from the construction..the fire kept going all morning and so my father in law suggested a wienie roast and my gosh, was it ever delicious!

getting things nice 'n hot!!
The dogs were especially excited for the wienie roast..apparently they misunderstood the memo and thought all the food was for them!
I love this next photo..its almost giving you a view from the perspective of Jakey..
Then it was time to roast the wienie's!
Adam was thrilled to have lunch outdoors with the bonfire. In so many ways he's just a really big kid! And his enthusiasm was catching!! I will admit, I quite enjoyed not having to a) make lunch, and b) do dishes! Not only that, a roasted hot dog in November just seems to taste better {I think because its such a rarity!!}
I'm really excited to print these photos off and get them in to my PL album..its a nice memory to look back on and say, "remember that November when it was actually warm out?"
We have a crazy fun weekend ahead of us that I'm 100% giddy for {will write more about this in my weekly recap post} until then, I hope you have an amazing rest of your week/weekend everyone!!


  1. We call roasting meat in South Africa a "braai". A bit like your BBQ. As most of us are crazy about outdoors and our weather is is a favorite thing for most of us to do. We "braai" kebabs, ribs, lamb tjops, boerewors (traditional South African sausage) and spend hours chatting around the fire.

    1. Hi my friend!! I love that you have taught me this!! I'm definitely going to tell Adam this ;) isn't this just the best? Thousands of miles away from each other yet, every day, we can chat and learn something new! Love it!

  2. I love when we get warm days in November too, we just did this weekend. What a great idea to have a weenie roast, have never done that only smores. It does make everything better when you can do it outdoors. Great pictures of this fun memory you will have!!


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