Week 47 - What I Want to Remember

Hi friends!!

First off, to all my American friends..I want to wish you a happy belated Thanksgiving!! I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and spent some much needed time with family & friends, surrounded by good food and lots of laughter! Did anyone go out and do any Black Friday shopping? I browsed online from the comfort of my own home and could not believe some of the amazing deals out there!!

Today I am writing you from my parents' living room, lately it seems as though I'm spending more time in the city than at the farm and considering its the holiday season, I'm quite alright with that ;)

Unfortunately I do not have many photos to post today as I am using their computer, not my own..but my absolute favorite photo of the week has to be this one of my lil man..

and with that, here are a few favorites of mine from this past week:
- I want to remember waking up Sunday morning and walking to the chicken coop, excited to see my babies as I had been gone to the city for a few days. Upon entering the pen to feed them, I was attacked by 2 of my bigger roosters (including Roo, my favorite that I was saving from slaughter) he kept coming at me and I would boot him a little, trying to scare him off. He drew blood from both my knees before I screamed, threw their food up in a dramatic scene and ran off, tears in my eyes. I then found my farmer and through sobs explained what had happened and proceeded to ask him to shoot the roosters before I had a chance to change my mind. To this day, I don't feel near as sad or as guilty as I thought I would..
- I want to remember that since said rooster incident occured, my flock of 9 hens and 2 roosters has now become a much calmer, relaxed and happier bunch!
-I want to remember spending Sunday afternoon decorating our home for the holidays. This year I put up 2 full sized trees and although it was quite the job..I'm in love with how it looks
-I want to remember spending the day Tuesday gathering even more house supplies with Adam. I sat in our truck for approx 3 hours while he discussed air exchangers & venting with salesmen (snoozefest!!)
-I want to remember a certain little miracle that happened this week that I was so grateful for. I needed it with everything going on in our lives
-I want to remember driving to the city to spend the night with my folks while listening to the Holiday Traditions channel on Sirius (all Holiday classics, all the time YAY!)
-I want to remember going to the hospital on Wednesday with Adam to discuss everything that is happening next week with his ACL surgery..he's been in need of this surgery for 3 years...its time!
-I want to remember the snow falling and the roads freezing over so badly that we needed to stay in the city one more night. I enjoyed it so much, we gathered in my parents living room and watched Fred Claus while the Christmas tree twinkled..it made my heart happy
-I want to remember driving back to the farm on Thursday while the roads were solid ice. I was so grateful for my husbands driving skills and that we made it home safe & sound
- I want to remember learning life lessons every single day
- I want to remember being reminded that marriage is hard. Two people coming together and making it work is something to be so grateful for but sometimes we just need to butt heads. But whats important is the ability to always talk things out and to always know that no matter what, your going to fight for it because it just so worth it
-I want to remember surprising my momma yesterday. My poor daddio was feeling under the weather and they had a wedding to go to of a dear family friend. So I drove the 2.5 hours to make it and I had such a blast! We met some old friends that we hadn't seen in quite some time and shared some laughs and tears..
-I want to remember that I get to spend Grey Cup Sunday with my family (minus my farmer) today. For you Americans who may not know...Grey Cup Sunday is the biggest day in Canadian football. The 2 top teams in our nation compete today for the title of Grey Cup winners and the season ends until next year. We traditionally celebrate by having the tv blasting while the tasty appetizers just keep a comin' ...
Whatever you are up to this weekend..I hope you are enjoying yourselves!! Have a great Sunday everyone!


  1. Hi Dawn,
    LOVE LOVE THIS POST!! What a cute picture of your dog, made me laugh! What a busy girl you've been between city and farm life, how nice for you. Soooo sorry about your roosters, glad your feeling ok about it and they are all happy now. I like to put up two trees when I can also, LOVE having trees all over the house. Can't wait to see yours, how exciting for you. What true words you wrote about marriage, so very true for me too. I'm so glad your staying positive and strong with your marriage vows. It is the toughest part of life and will be again when you add kids to the mix.
    Thanks for the update, love these posts!!
    p.s. we had a yummy and warm and great Thanksgiving! Hoping to post pictures soon, computer is acting up on uploading for now though.

  2. Such a precious post...I love it. I am so sorry that your rooster was so aggro and that you got hurt. I am glad that your little flock is calmer now.


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