Fishing, Part 1

Howdy friends,

I'm back from fishing!! Well, technically I've been back for a couple of days but I had to unpack, settle in, do about 7 loads of laundry to get the campfire/rustic/fishy smell out of our belongings and head in to the city to grab Jakey who was staying with my parents while we were gone. The trip was better than expected, I can't tell you enough how much I enjoyed myself!! It was truly a bonding experience for me and my new family. My hubby, my mother and father in law and one brother in law of mine all crowded in to the dually truck and drove 1500 km (800 miles) one way, hopped on to a plane for a quick 20 min flight that dropped us off on the dock of our cabin and we were the only 5 people for miles and miles. You would think that would be creepy but I have to tell you, being that isolated and that reliant on your own skills to survive is pretty freaking awesome!

I had to take this photo of the back of our truck, it makes me laugh every time I see it. Its like the Clampetts went fishing!!

Adam, my Mother in Law and I snuggled in the back seat as we began our *long* journey
The first night was pretty low key, we settled in, unpacked, made dinner and just got used to our surroundings. Of course the boys made my MIL & I practice our casting off the dock before heading out in the boats the next day. And, because we were only 120 km South of the North West Territories, it was quite cool (thus explaining my outfit)
Our camp was...rustic. But it was comfortable and we settled in within the second night. My favorite part of our camp was the wood burning stoves we had to keep us warm, I swear the sound of logs crackling as you fall asleep is just perfect, its hard not to romanticize it! My least favorite part? I'd have to say the outhouse! We had no running water so an outhouse was our only 'powder room' but I will admit, when the breeze was blowing the right way, you could *almost* forget it was an outhouse!
Least favorite part
Definitely my favorite part
Tomorrow I will post some fishing pictures but for today, I thought I'd just share some of my favorite shots from around camp :)
all the boats, in a row
the most beautiful sunsets
hanging wet clothes to dry over the fire
feeding my chipmunk friends peanuts..loved them :)
our backyard
freshly chopped firewood, ready to keep us warm at night!
I have to admit, after looking thru the photos in this post, where we were was pretty beautiful. I felt so relaxed, calm and inspired while we were there. It was truly breathtaking!! Can't wait to share more photos tomorrow, have a great Monday everyone!!

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  1. Hi Dawn, HOORAY YOU MADE IT!!! I couldn't wait to hear about your trip, so excited for you!! What an adventure for you and so brave and tough to survive that long in the woods. I love camping but after 2 days home and my bed sound perfect.
    What a goreous sunset, really LOVE THAT!! How cute and fun the boats lined up are, wish I could draw that pictures. Look at that beautiful backyard, sigh so peaceful!!
    Sounds like a great time except for the outhouse,lol that would be my least fave also.
    Woodburning fires are the best, my sister bought me a CRACKLING FIRE DVD last Christmas. Every night after Christmas I'd put it in and turn on the tree lights and just feel so warm and toasty then fall asleep in my chair.
    Looking forward to more pictures and stories! Love the cute post before this. I"M VERRRRRRRY excited about FALL!!!!

    Come by my blog when you have time and scroll down to find the WALK THRU MY GARDEN POST, you will love it.
    Welcome home!


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