Zany for Zinnias

My love for my garden has not faded one bit. In fact, last night after coming home from being at the lake all week, the first thing I wanted to do {besides check on my chickens} was check out how my garden was doing. It looks amazing. It is finally starting to really take off and grow exactly how I had pictured it in my meander thru the pathways I staked and find vegetables growing all around you and the cutting garden has come alive with the most beautiful colored actually takes my breath away.

Because I don't have flower beds this year {temporary garden and all} I took to planting flowers by seed this year and decided to focus mainly on a flower I grew as a little girl with my dad, the zinnia. I haven't grown this flower since, but let me tell you, I'm kicking myself for it now. Zinnias are freaking gorgeous! I will make sure I have a huge bed of these beauties every year from now on, you can count on it! They have a soft, spicy scent to them and come in the most gorgeous of colors..I just can't stress it enough, you need to grow these..seriously.

I planted over a hundred seeds and they are producing daily. I have purple ones, mixed ones, giant ones, peppermint spotted ones...ugh, they are to die for! Okay..I've gone on are some photos for your Friday viewing pleasure...have a great weekend everyone!!

the beginnings of a new love affair..


  1. WOW WOW WOW these are gorgeous and so colorful!! They look lovely like this, would be nice to just walk by and smell the flowers. Good for you growing flowers. These would be perfect to grow anywhere!! Glad you got a weekend away, hope it was fun.

    CONCRATS ON YOUR CARDS BEING PUBLISHED, THAT'S AWESOME. I don't recongnize that magazine from our library but will check Walmart next time I go. You should be very proud of yourself, it's hard to get picked for these articles. Keep it up!
    Take care and thanks for the comment on my art blog, glad you liked my new fabric pages. HUGS!

  2. wow those are from seed? Amazing garden DM you should be very satisfied with yourself!


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