Chicken Update

I have chickens. <-- that statement still gets me
Yup, after almost 4 months..I'm still just as in love with my chickens as I was that very first day we went and picked them up. They are hilarious and so funny to watch. Each have their own personalities and ways of going about their days and I can still sit for hours and just watch them play with each other. All 14 of my beauties are healthy and happy and I can officially tell you that 5 of my flock of 14 are roosters. At first, I was really scared about what that might mean {I just don't think I could butcher a chicken} but, so far, they are all getting along really well and have not turned on me one bit. The only rooster I seem to ever come across really is Dharma {I can't change his name, its just too suiting..what with the cross beak and all} He is obsessed with eating and paces back and forth after I let them out in the morning while I gather food for them, its actually pretty funny. And, if I take my time? He lets me know by pecking at my finger while I drop the feed into their trough. Before I had chickens I was really scared about being pecked but it really doesn't hurt at all, especially when they have a crossed beak!!
Probably one of my favorite things about my chickens right now is that I let them out in the morning, feed them and then, on my way home, I usually stop in the garden to see how things are doing and end up picking weeds or what not. And, while I'm in the garden, I can hear the roosters crowing over and over again and it just confirms how much I love living in the country and how badly I wanted this life before I even knew I did, it makes me that happy
Earlier this month my parents came out to the farm to visit and meet the flock. With them, they brought an amazing roost that my dad built for them and they LOVE it!! They are on it like clockwork every night, huddled together as they drift fast asleep..
My chickens have grown a lot, thats for dang sure..I'm guessing they about 4-5 lbs each now {there full weight will be about 6-8 lbs} and in about 1-2 months I should be receiving my first eggs, and I cannot even tell you how excited I am for that!! Alright, enough are some of my latest photos of the flock..

On the left is one of my Black Australorp hens and I cannot tell you how much I love these ladies. They coo instead of cluck and are so calm when I go to pick them up and hold them. They are the sweethearts of the bunch for sure. On the right is Dharma, my pesky little rooster that I love

This is Roo, my black Australorp rooster that is by far the biggest rooster in my flock. Although he is one of the loudest, he is also the sweetest. He's very calm and relaxed and always lets the girls eat before him. What a

This here is Lacey, my gold laced Wyandotte. i'm still not sure where exactly she is in the pecking order of the flock. Sometimes I see her being bullied and I worry about her, but then I turn around and she's pushing right back. She's feisty but loving and so calm!

Above is one of my Barred Rock hens. They make hilarious ninja sounds when they are happy that make me giggle every single time. I don't spend a lot of time trying to catch these ladies, they have no interest in being held but will happily eat from my hand, if offered

and of course, a chicken post wouldn't be complete without a photo of my Eleanor

I remember before I knew she was for sure a hen I was always so worried she would turn out to be a rooster because we were so close and cuddled every day. Well, she isn't a rooster but, she kind of got over being held {much to my dismay}. If I can catch her, she will sit with me calmly but catching her is so hard! At first I was truly heartbroken that she would run away from me, but, I quickly got over it when I realized..hey, I did it..I raised them up to be healthy "teens", they made it past the danger zone and thats all I care about!

Yup, I'm in love with my chickens. They are a dream to care for and they truly start and end my day {literally} and I wouldn't want it any other way!!


  1. Oh what a sweet post. I love it that you have names for them...for sure they will never get near a cooking pot:-)

  2. Hi Dawn,
    So glad you did a chicken post, miss seeing and hearing about them. They all look gorgeous, love the names and the way you describe them all. Happy you have some roosters in the bunch and hope they will be good ones. YOU should be very proud of them and of yourself for being such a GOOD MOM to them, they are growing up healthy and HAPPY!! You moved me to tears with these words and I'm thrilled that your living the dream you wanted. Keep up the good work and enjoy them!!


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